Unit 6: Leading Sports Activities

Learning Aim A: Rub Parker

Glen Mills (Usain Bolts Coach)

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Usain Bolt beats Gay and sets new Record - from Universal Sports

Dana Abdulkarim

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"Games of Life" by Dana AbdulKarim at University of York


The similarities between Dana and Glen is they have both achieved something out of their careers either through themselves or through other people. They have both used these teaching skills thoroughly to achieve what they want and it has benefited other people as it helps them to achieve as well. They both use the communication skill throughout their teaching careers but, Glen would use the communication skill differently compared to how Dana would for example, Glen would use more complex words to describe things towards Usain than Dana, who as a school teacher would have to explain things with more understanding for younger people. The knowledge would also be a differential between Glen and Dana for instance, Glen would have more specific knowledge about sprinting and how to coach an athlete compared to Dana. But Dana would have more knowledge about how to teach younger students compared to Glen as Dana mainly teaches students generally. Target setting would also be a similar teaching skill they share as Dana's target would be for the pupils she teaches to get the best grade they can get in the subject she teaches (PE & btec PE) . And Glen's target would be for Usain to perform his best and win the race and get his new personal best in running. But a different teaching skills they share is confidence as Dana would use confidence to teach a lesson and to perform her best teaching skills to her pupils during their lessons so they feel confident to ask her for help etc. And Dana also does public speeches as shown in the video above so she would need confidence to speak to other people of the public not only her pupils. Where as Glen's confidence would be to make Usain the best he can so that he can perform the best he can and to show confidence in what he's teaching getting full trust off Usain for Glen to coach him. Overall their differences make them good at their job because it suits their qualities and skills!