Tokyo, Japan

Todd Terry's dream vacation

Facts about Tokyo

Tokyo is my dream location. It is in Japan. I want to go there because I am an anime fan. It is also awesome because of the great technological advances there.

. They are known for Samurai not China

. The invention of chop sticks was by China and Japan liked the idea.

. They still have Emperors

. The current one is named, Akihito

.They use yen and not dollars

. It is also known for its many painters and writers

. They are known for thinking their culture is the best

. They often wear odd outfits

. The normal religion is Buddhist but many are Shinto

. Oda Nobunaga

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To get there it will take me 13 hours and 25 minutes. This is because Japan is 6,667 miles from Houston. I would take my friend Vincent Williams on the trip with me. I would take a jet to get there. I would stay for life as a new home.
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I'm going to stay at Park Hyatt Tokyo. It Costs 390 per night and 2730 per week. When I go I will bring my clothes, phone, and money. This hotel is worth it though it has 5 stars and is 763 feet tall.
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The meals for the day would cost 104 US dollars. The flight will cost 2329 dollars. My hotel charges 2730 per week and I have a 2000 dollar budget for extra things. Over all I plan to pay roughly 7163.


An arcade in Japan costs 104 Yen which is 83 cents Believe it or not. It would be very fun do to tech advances there. To see a sumo Fight costs 80 DOLLARS. I don't know why it costs this much but it does.


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