Human Eye vs. Camera Lens

Katie Rogers, Period 7, Genius Hour, Comm. Apps.

Why does this appeal to me?

For my future career I desire to be a photographer. This interests me because, I thought it would be cool to capture the beautiful world, and the memories I have. Photograph is so neat, because all the pictures online or pictures of animals or cities, the were taken by a photographer. Photography can take you into amazing sites and you can travel the world just for your job as taking pictures of beautiful nature!

How are they related?

Obviously you couldn't even see the camera without a lens, better yet even the eye! You need both the eye and the lens to see something, just like you need the camera and the lens to take a picture of something! Based on this the camera and eye are alike because they both need a lens to "see" something! Another way both the camera and eye are similar in is the way they project an object. They both see an image, focus it, and transmit the color and shape through the optic glass or plastic they are made of.

What did EYE know before?

I didn't know anything about this subject before I started to research. I had guessed though that to create the lens of a camera you needed to know how to make it clear, therefore you needed to know how the lens on an eye makes objects clear, and "high quality."