A mystery finally discovered...

Viperwolf as they call them, are they actually terrifying?

Dr. Leighton Kempo's Discovery, was more than a little insect...

Dr. Leighton Kempo and her team were on an expedition to find different food supplies in Pandora. She noticed a dismembered Direhorse, with several beautifully terrifying creatures surrounding the direhouse. Viperwolves are what they're called. Nantang is the official name for them in the Na'vi language. Discovered in the Savanna, Jungle, and the Subarctic regions of Pandora.


In detail

This isn't just another cuddly kitten. The viperwolf is fierce. With a total of six legs, snake-like jaws, obsidian teeth, and piercing green eyes. The These nocturnal carnivorous creatures can exert 4kg of pressure per square centimeter. You can hear when they're coming by their coyote-like barks, hyena cackles, and snake-like hissing. Viperwolves can sense their prey from 8 kilometers away. They hunt in small groups and because of their human-like thumbs they can climb trees and see all around them for a 3-dimensional hunting field.
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Viper Highlands

This is the home to many of the viperwolves. Its a small plateau between the crash site and Horseshoe Gorge. Although viperwolves habitats consist of the jungle, savanna, and the subarctic regions of Pandora, this is their original home.