Future College Fund

Crowd Fund College with the help of Family and Friends

Crowd Funding is the New way to Save!

Future College Fund makes it easy for family and friends to help you save for college by the proven strategy of crowd funding. This strategy makes it easy for others to contribute to a very worthy cause—your kids’ education!

A college education is a priority in most households these days and Saving for college expenses can be one of a family’s most important but expensive undertakings. The earlier you start and the more help you get, the better the results. It’s never too soon to begin planning and saving for your child’s college education and crowd-funding can be the difference between reaching your goal and falling short. Enough with the cheap toys and gift cards – a college education is the best gift of all.

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Here's how it works

Simply sign up, create your Future College Fund Campaign, share your link with friends and family using social media and collect donations. We will help you with each step along the way. You automatically receive each donation in real-time in an account that you control. Then you’ll share your donation page link with friends, family & contacts most likely during life events such as birthdays, holidays and graduation. Your visitors complete their donation on your page using a debit or credit card and you instantly receive each payment. The entire process takes less than a minute. Future College Fund will automatically deduct a 2% fee from each donation you receive - no checks, no mailings, no fuss. If you don’t receive any donations, then you won’t pay anything at all.

To watch your Future College Funds grow even more consider transferring the funds to a College Savings Plan! After all the years of receiving toys and clothes as gifts for my children, I can’t help but wonder how much further I would be toward building their college funds if even a portion of that amount had been deposited into their college saving plans!

With the rising costs of college tuition it's imperative to start saving now! Check out www.futurecollegefund.com today and give the gift of education. Start a campaign now and share socially!

Share your child's Future College Fund with friends and family and start saving for college TODAY!