Español Y El Cerebro

Spanish And The Brain

Advantages To Be 5 And Under When Learning A Second Language

  • Most likely to develop that native accent for the language that is getting taught to you
  • Being able to understand what a teacher or parent gives you a task
  • It would be easier to learn because the brain is growing still

Adventages To Be 18 Years Old When Learning A Second Language

  • The more strategies you have to help with language
  • The knowing's of the first language can help with the second language make more sense
  • Having a decision on how much the intake of that language
  • Make learning harder because the brain is or almost fully developed

Being Proficent

  • 2-3 years for the ability to understand everyday things
  • 4-10 years for being able to read, write, and speak that language at a scholastic level

By: Brooke Flores