The Rivervalian

The official newsletter of the NAC - Rivervale, WA


Dear sisters and brothers, welcome to our very first instalment of The Rivervalian.

First up, just want to thank everyone for the support at our first congregational meeting. Yes the first, meaning there will be more. Before you let out a groan or sigh, I want to let you know the feedback I have had so far has been positive and hoping that our next one will be a little more bite-sized and also with a lot more interaction from you. As I said, this is your congregation.

Busy bee (rhymes with yipee)


This month we will have a skip to load up. It is a mixed-use skip that we can put our accumulated garden refuses as well as our bits and bobs that have been stashed around the side of the church.

Next month: our special project is...the shed

Combined Orchestra & Choir practice

Sunday, Sep. 8th 2013 at 1-4pm

Rivervale, Western Australia, Australia

Rivervale, WA

Sunday School Outing

Saturday, Sep. 14th 2013 at 11am

Sutherland Street

West Perth, WA

Hi kids, hold onto your beakers and microscopes we're off to Scitech!