All About Me

jakaria dever

My Embarrassing Moment

Ok i was in the 7th grade and i was sick ,and my mom told me to go to school because she didn't believe me. So i walk to school plus it was raining so i keep sneezing and sneezing when i got there my nose was horrible and i was wet and everyone was looking that day was horrible

10 things about me

1. im 168 months old (14 years)lol

2 born in Houston tx

3 i like to sing

4 i like to act

5 i kind of like to dance

6 my fav colors are blue, red, green and any thing neon

7 i like science

8 i tend to zone out alot

9 i love looking at stars

10 and i love taking pictures of nature

werid question i been asked you know how to dance can sing your dog actually blue