Economic News

By Chayse Eddleman

''iPhone 6 demand continues to outstrip supply, may not see balance before 2015''

iPhone 6 is a widely popular new phone that Apple is having trouble keeping supply up while demand gets even higher. Apple has never really had this problem before. They came close to it though with the release of the iPhone 5s. Apple is selling every iPhone 6 they make but, their supply is getting very low they might not be able to keep up with demand. This is connected to supply and demand, which is, when a company has a certain amount of products and then the people wanting that one product is the demand. The article shows the difficulty of keeping supply up as demand goes up.

''Time for Workers to Fight Back''

Employed people aren't happy with what they work for. Unemployment is at a very low point right now thanks to Obama. He has created around 215,000 Jobs in his terms as president. But people are not happy still. Even with all the new jobs, wages are the same. This article falls underneath the category Unemployment. Unemployment is when a person doesn't have a job but is still looking for one. This piece of writing tells that more jobs are being created and the unemployment rate is going down but wages are staying the same and the people of America don't like that.

''Obama Millionaire's Tax: President To Seek New Tax Rate For Wealthy''

Obama is fighting the rich. For a long time the rich have been getting away with paying little taxes compared to the middle class people. Obama is now fighting the rich to get them to pay the same amount of taxes as the middle class people. This article goes into the Taxes category.This article explains how Obama is fighting the rich that they need to be paying as much taxes as the middle class citizens.

''National debt has doubled since financial crisis: budget office''

The national debt just keeps rising. In about two years our debt is going to double. Deficits will lower over the next couple of years. But in 2016 they will start to rise again. which means that federal debt will be even worse than before. Our country is one of the biggest economies in the world. Which means that it can handle quite a bit of debt but eventually it will be to much and everything will fall apart. This article is connected to the National Debt category which is how much money the U.S. owes other countries. America is in trouble according to this article, if the debt of America keeps rising then we are going to have a crisis.

''A larger trade surplus can be a positive sign for U.S.''

America has a surplus on exports. We are getting a lot of imports in so we are spending money but are not making any in return. But it's not all that bad. If businesses keep buy what we are not sending out then we should be fine. This will keep us from having way to much exports and not being able to sell anything and not make money. I believe this article would fall under the surplus category which is when someone or a certain company has to much of a product or products and can't seem to sell any. This article tells you about how America is getting a lot of imports but is not sending out any exports. Which is creating deficits.