Vision Board 2014 Insha Allah


1.Become Independent woman

Become an independent adult that does not depend on anyone or anything but Allah Azza wa jal.

Reasons: that I can become self-sufficient that I become responsible for my life,my choices, and my direction

3.not become a burden on anyone else

4.Can afford my own things, enjoy myself

5. so I can be alone, fulfilled take care of myself

2. self-esteem

Realise that I am worthy of love and approve myself. Realise that love comes from within. Love is the fuel of life. Without self-esteem the difficulties of life will keep me down. realise despite what I have and do not have, does not make me anymore or less. Realise that I am okay with myself and love myself for who I am. That I accept myself 100%

3. Balance

Don't get absorbed into things and become extreme. There is a give and take, and don't share the first thing that comes to your mind. Keep things, somethings are sacred. Balance my emotions, and dont react to the first thing that happens. respond to your emotions not react.Know that you are enough the way you are you dont have to go extra or be fake to impress anyone.

4. Patience

If something is going to fast,learn silence. Silence. do not react emotionally in ANY situation. remember what happened. you can react in your body, but respond appropriately. Also have barriers, containment. Everything is moderation. Keep a sheild to contain yourself from the harsh life, other peoples problem etc.


Organize your task and go through with it no matter the outcome. remember you are not striving for perfection, have self-esteem and know despite outcomes you are still enough. Organize your life, sleeping,eating,school,books and do something productive.

6.Surrender to Allah. Accept don't resist life

Life is easier when you don't resist it. Whether you are in a moment in time you do not like, accept it as it is.Accept that it for what it is.People,things,situations will seem wrong and go against how you think, people could talk crap about you, let them talk don't resist,let them be them.

7. Dunya is a cold place. Love yourself and change your mindset

This world is a harsh world,thats why its called dunya,its not meant to be peachy. This is where self-esteem comes in. If someone says something against you, rude, first do not let that persons perspective go into your mind.Allow them to think the way they think, it does not change you one bit. DO not resist fight people, say to you is your desires and to me in my religion. Remember Allah, remember to lower your ego.Ego is a deceiver

8.emotional management

there are people and places that will trigger your emotions. Its okay, let them be, its okay to feel and think the way you do. Allow yourself and do not resist your emotions. Still, you can allow your emotions to express themselve and not react to your emotions.Instead respond to your emotions in a manner that would benefit you.