Hiking the 4th Grade Trails

Mrs. Hathaway's Class

September 19-23

Peek at our Week

Monday - Student Council classroom representative speeches and elections, bullying presentation, Read 180 parent meeting 6:30 p.m.

Tuesday - Spelling Pre test L4

Wednesday - PTO meeting 4:00 in the library

Thursday - Math Test Topic 1

Friday - Spelling Post test lesson 4, Story Quiz, Vocabulary Quiz, Progress reports go home today

Coming Soon: Next week- College Go Week

Monday - Wear your favorite union or college wear, Mighty Acorns field trip

Tuesday - Wear military, armed forces, or camouflage

Wednesday - Spirit Day -Dress as your future career, Harlem Wizards visit

Thursday - Wear a hat or college gear, 4th grade tours the HS

Friday - Brickie Pride Day- Wear your brickie gear

Reading- Mrs. Hathaway

Our focus text: Power of WOW

This can be found in our Journeys textbook or online by clicking the story title link.

Our Learning Goals for this piece:

  • I can identify the theme of the story.
  • I can read a play with fluency and expression.
  • I can identify the elements of drama. (setting, characters, plot)

Target Vocabulary for this text: Click here for vocabulary practice

  1. comfort
  2. mention
  3. mood
  4. properly
  5. intends
  6. consisted
  7. positive
  8. advanced
  9. peculiar
  10. talent

Spelling- Mrs. Hathaway

Spelling Week 4

We are going to use Spelling City. The kids can play games to practice their words. We will also take a pretest. If they do not pass the pretest by 90%, they will be required to do spelling activities (choice board) before the post test on Friday. Then, the kids will save their tests in a Google doc account on their Chromebooks.

Click here for this week's spelling practice

Click here to print out this week's Choice Board from my website.

1. block




















Math - Mrs. Caddick

We will review Topic 1 and test on Thursday. Students can use their Pearson accounts to review the quick checks and Practice Buddy at home to help prepare.

Grammar - Mrs. Caddick

Students will go to Mrs. Caddick for Grammar this week. In Grammar, we will continue to focus on subjects and predicates. We will also review verbs and punctuating proper nouns. Most of the work in Grammar will be done in class, but students who don't complete work in school will have to finish it at home.


We have finished practicing all of our lower case letters. Now we will start practicing our upper case letters. Students should be writing in cursive whenever possible so that it becomes more natural.


Every student needs a working pair of headphones to use at school. These should be kept in their desk or backpack. I would prefer that you keep a pair at home and one that is kept at school. Sometimes when headphones go home they can get damaged and might not get brought back. We use headphones every day at school.


Technology is great but there are a few rules...

  • All Chromebooks should come to school fully charged for the day.
  • If a students forgets their Chromebook or doesn't have a charged device, they will receive one warning and then the second time, they will have a lunch detention.
  • Students will not be able to call home if they forget their device.
  • All students must transport their Chromebooks in their backpacks.
  • Remind your child not to take them out on the bus (because they won't work anyways with out wifi)

**Please remember we are learning how to best use this tool along with the students. It is all trial and error for us too. I do believe this tool is a wonderful opportunity and we are very lucky to have them, so please be patient and understanding when it comes to this great opportunity for our kids. Also, we are trying to figure out the online homework issues. We are also trying to figure out the issues with homework. If we assign something and you can't open it at home, please email me to let me know. Our tech team has been trying to resolve these problems. **