Team CuteNails

Recognition Newsletter- July 2014

Team Recognition

Selling Star!

For the second month in a row, Stacey Wertz Mann is our selling star! With over 800 PRV in sales, she earned an extra 5% bonus and $35 in marketing materials credit! Stacey works her business steady and consistently each month! You have some incentives headed your way! Thanks for working your business, I am sure your hubby is super proud of you like we are! It really does pay to have CuteNails! ;)
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Recruiting Star!

This month we added a total of 2 new members to Team CuteNails! The top recruiter for the team added one member! Congratulations Angela Qualls!
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Rank Advancements!

I am so excited to announce the following Rank Advancements for July!

Lead Consultant
*Susan Crater

Advanced Consultant
*Angela Qualls

Congratulations ladies! I am so excited for you and proud of what you have accomplished.. There are many more advancements in Team CuteNails future... I know it!

Fast Start Acheivers

Triple Fast Start Achiever!
Susan Crater

1st Fast Start Achiever!
Angela Qualls

Welcome New Consultants!

Important News!

August Recruiting Incentive!

Home Office has announced a huge recruiting incentive for the month of August! This incentive will benefit both you the consultant AND your new recruit! This is the perfect time to build your team for 3 reasons: 1. August incentive allows for you to earn up to 2400 cruise trip points and $200 marketing materials credits 2. Retiring designs allows for your new team member to hit required sales for her first (and second) fast start periods 3. New catalog launches in September with exciting new designs, lacquers, beauty boost and the new mini heater!

Check out the recruiting incentive information here. Make sure to ask if you need help understanding the incentive. I am always here to help you!

Let's pink out the map!

Team CuteNails is currently represented in 8 of the 50 states. Let's pink out the map! Do you have friends in any of these states? Let's share the opportunity and watch our team grow!

We currently have 53 members, let's make it 60 by the end of the month and 100 by December!
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Team CuteNails Information Form

To better serve you, please take a moment to fill out the form below if you haven't already. I love to know all about you and get a little insight on how better to coach you be as successful as you can. Thank you to all who have already previously filled it out.

Team CuteNails Information Form

Hobbyist Info

Hobbyists will not have access to the Meet.FM, GroSocial or TaxBot services that have been made specially for Jamberry Consultants.

Hobbyist also do not have access to the Stylebox Quiz for their customers to take and subscribe at this time. Since hobbyist consultants do not have a personal website for customers to shop from, the option to subscribe to Stylebox by Jamberry is not available either.

Starting in September, team members who's sponsor is a hobbyist, will be rolled up to the next professional consultant. If you are currently a hobbyist with a team under you, in September, if you do not chose to become a professional consultant with a paid website, you will loose your team. This is to better help manage those consultants who are aiming for leadership and above.

If you are currently a hobbyist, you may want to consider paying for your website as a professional consultant. All new members that are still in their first 3 months of their fast start period received the professional consultant website for free. At the end of your 3rd fast start period, you should be asked about paying for your website or selecting to be a hobbyist.
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Update your personal info!

It is extremely important that your contact information is correct in the workstation. This is the main communication being used by the Jamberry Home Office, our upline executives and me. Please make sure that you are keeping your personal contact information current in the workstation. If you are not receiving emails from Michelle, Lori, Jamberry Nails or myself, please log in to the workstation and make sure you click on My Account > Email Preferences.

Why Jamberry?


I know at times, sharing the opportunity may be a bit difficult for you. I have created a newsletter that each of you could send out to your possible recruits that would allow for them get a little insight into what being a consultant entails. I have added some typical questions that I normally get about joining. Feel free to share the newsletter. It can be found here.

Share the Opportunity!

A couple of the other leaders and I will be hosting an Opportunity Call and event. Keep an eye out on the team page for more information about these. When we do this, it helps you out! Simply invite your interested ladies to the party and/or event and let us answer the questions for you, or jump on and answer questions for other interested ladies. Amy Smith, our top Elite Executive currently has an opportunity event open, feel free to join it and ask your interested ladies to join and listen to what our top executive has to say about the company. Just make sure that when it is time for them to join, you provide them your link so they can sign up under you! Here is the link.

Sneak Peeks!

For the month of August, it is important to NOT add potential new team members to the team page for sneak peeks. There is so much information that is open to consultants only, we don't want any of the information to leak out to non-consultants. Instead, invite them to the above mentioned event or the opportunity call/event that will be posted on the Team Page.


Facebook Group Pages

If you are already on Facebook, but not yet part of the the team page or other pages that can help you out in your Jamberry journey, please feel free to add yourself or request admission to the pages (some may be set to private or secret). Below is the page and a short description of how it is useful.

Team CuteNails- Jamberry Nails Independent Consultants This is our main team page, I post challenges, incentives, tips and motivation for everyone that I am Team Manager for. As you sign new members, make sure to add them to this page.

Jamberry Nails Consultants- This is the main page for Jamberry Nails Consultants. Members must be verified by home office as consultants prior to being added to the group. This group is monitored by the home office and had a wealth of information.

Please note that most groups are created by consultants for consultants and are not monitored by Jamberry Nails Home Office. Some of the information, pictures and documents posted in these pages may not be compliant with Jamberry Nails Policies and Procedures. Please make sure you educate yourself with compliance and review the policies and procedures manual. You can click here to access it. It is also located on the workstation: Resources -> Documents -> Policies and Procedures (updated Jan 2014)

Compliant Photos

Make sure that images that you are using on your Facebook, and other social media pages are compliant photos. Home office provides us a slew of compliant photos for use on the Flickr page. Access it here.