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BYOD Update - A Win for Students and Teachers

Our Bellevue BYOD initiative is off to a solid start. Students at our high schools can now bring in any device, access the school wireless, and use their devices for learning. A cadres of 40 teachers have volunteered to participate in this new opportunity to integrate more technology into their classroom. This group will actively participate in professional development, in classroom coaching, and hands-on experience to guide them as they transform their classrooms into digital learning environments. The tech trio has provided teachers training on the SAMR framework for technology integration, Schoology, and formative assessment tools to target instruction.

What can I do to make my Mac run better? By Judy Pickle

1. Restart (power off/power on) your computer and log back in.

2. When restarting, uncheck the tick box for “Reopen windows when logging back in.

3. Go to the Wi-Fi icon in the upper right corner of your display, click on “Open Network Preferences”, click on “Advanced”, Drag BPS and BP2 to top of the list, delete any guest networks. Click OK, Apply and close.

4. Close “extras” that are running, Press the command + W keys to close the current file until all files are closed. Press the command + Q keys to close the program.

5. Go to Self Service, find and run “First Aid”. Run a permission repair and hard drive repair. Click on Run, go to Finder, Applications, Utilities, Disk Utilities, click on. “Macintosh HD, Repair Disk Permissions. Let it run. If you click on 1 TB APPLE HDD instead of Macintosh HD you can run Repair Disk.)

6. Go to System Preferences, Security & Privacy, make sure that “Allow apps downloaded from: “Anywhere” is checked. If “Anywhere” is not checked, please unlock to make changes and

7. Go to system preferences, energy savings, Uncheck “Put hard drive to sleep when

8. Check for updates: Go to Apple icon in upper left corner, App Store, update (some updates are available in Self Service). WARNING! Please keep MacBook plugged in while updating.

9. Reduce number of open tabs on your browser. (Firefox, Chrome, Safari)

10. Update your browser to the latest version:

a. Chrome: Choose Chrome, About Google Chrome

b. Firefox: Choose Firefox, About Firefox

11. Go to Finder, Applications, AdwareMedic, check you have already donated, Scan for

Reminder, to connect to BPS you use your computer login : firstname.lastname and password (the one you use to log into your computer). The easiest way to test your username and password is to log off your computer and then log back in. Never change passwords on your computer outside of the district. Changing your password outside of the district may cause a keychain error.

Computer Science in the Classroom

Are you a Middle School Teacher? Interested in learning more about computer science? On November 9th, there will be a meeting from 6:00 - 7:30 PM at the Peter Kiewit Institute to have as many middle school teachers as possible together to learn more about computer science in the classroom. You will be split into two groups and work on activities that would translate into a middle school classroom like the Hour of Code activities. There will also be a demo/discussion of how to get CS started in a school and what resources the (Computer Science Teacher Association) can provide for a teacher trying to get CS going in their school. Click HERE to sign up.

Help Desk Reminder

The district tech team wants to remind all staff to use the Help Desk for any tech related issues. If there is an issue with your laptop, the wireless network, a printer, or any other tech related issue it is important that it is put into the Help Desk. When solving a problem the first thing the techs do is check the Help Desk for a pattern. This is very helpful in determining if this is an isolated issue or one that is widespread. To put a ticket into the Help Desk you can access it here.

Appy Time / Websites

Dubsmash App

Want take a break and need something fun to do with family, friends, colleagues, or students? Create a Dubsmash! Dubsmash allows you to create fun little videos of you lip syncing to a song or a famous saying. Check out Selena Gomez and Jimmy Fallon on the tonight show dub smashing it up. Our very own building tech coordinators created one too.

Code.Org Workshop

Are you interested in learning more about coding in the classroom? Check out this awesome opportunity to learn more about coding! Join us for the Code.Org Workshop. Space is limited to 20 participants.

Techie Tuesday Opportunity

Would you like to learn how to create a global classroom? Come learn multiple ways to connect your students to other classrooms and experts inside and outside of the Bellevue community. Learn how to use Google+ Hangouts, Mystery Skypes, Facebook, Twitter and other tools to help your students connect and learn globally. Join us for TechieTuesday on February 23, 2016! To attend a Techie Tuesday contact your principal and fill out the Request to Attend a Conference form.

Tweet Time--Tweets From Those You Know

Use Twitter to be connected! If you are a tweeter, remember to tag your tweets with #bpsne and #tt4t so more teachers can see what is happening in your classroom. Sharing is the name of the game! Remember there are lots of great chats to explore to connect with others in your content area. Just pull up the hashtag and enjoy the conversation.
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Upcoming #edcamps

Are you wanting to experience your first EdCamp? Or do you want to attend your second or third one? Well, you are in luck! There are two coming soon!

EdCamp Kansas City on Saturday, November 7, 2015 at Truman High School. Register HERE. Not able to atttend? Follow along via Twitter at #edcampKC.

EdCamp Kearney will be Saturday, November 14, 2015 from 8:00-2:30 PM at Kearny High School. Register online at: . Twitter @edcampKearney

Meet the #tt4t Technology Team

District Technology Trainers

Jeanette Carlson

Twitter: @mrsjcarlson

Ann Feldmann

Twitter: @annfeldmann1

Jeffrey Bernadt

Twitter: @jeffreybernadt

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