United Arab Emirates

Country of riches and beautiful weather!

The basic physical features

The United Arab Emirates is located on the end of the Arabian Peninsula on the beautiful Persian Gulf. There is never a bad day except for rainy windy days. In the summer the temperature can hit up to 113 degrees Fahrenheit on the peak angle of the sun. During the winter the temperature stays in the mid 70's with occasional days when it drops below 70 degrees Fahrenheit. No matter what time of season you travel to UAE the weather will be great! The climate varies from hot to mild with a tropic desert twist that causes some mild humidity. Physical features include mountains like the western Al Hajar range and deserts like the Rub' al Khali plains. United Arab Emirates has deserts to mountains and anything in between.
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Getting around

Getting around

The official language of the United Arab Emirates is Arabic. With an exception, the majority of people in Dubai speak English. The people in the country believe that learning English would help with keeping good relationships with foreigners with the English tongue. Major folkways include the sport of soccer, practicing the Muslim religion, keeping up on superb manners, and establishing good relationships with foreign people. A serious taboo in the UAE is the public use of affection accept for hand holding. Another odd concept to us Americans is their workdays, they Arabic people start their workweeks on Sunday and end the workweek on a Thursday. Fridays and Saturdays are for resting for the upcoming workweek.
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Some subcultures of the country include Businessmen and small young families. The men look sharp in suites traveling to the inter city of either Dubai or Abu Dhabi to work in corporate buildings. An obvious subculture is small/large family homes. The families live in a more confined area with many family members living in the home including grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles, etc....

Evidence of a culture change would be the Muslim religion, the culture has changed it's ways to accommodate the religion and it's people. Mosques are built to worship and big squares are built for people to congregate together.

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Great place to be!

After seeing and learning about the physical features all the way to the culture, I don't know why you would want to go anywhere else and vacation. Come visit, we will be here!

Garrett Demers


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