Welcome Mom and Dad

Hope You Enjoy My Work


I'm so excited to go to London because I really want to see all the sites in London. I'm also excited to go because I want to try all the new foods. I also wonder what the family I'm staying with is going to be like. One landmark I really want to see is london bridge because in pictures it looks really big in pictures and I want to see how big it really is.


How the computers are fun in fifth grade

The computers are really fun because I get to play on this website called Edmodo which is just like Facebook but it's controlled by teachers. It's a good way to communicate with classmates online after school and in school when we can us the computers. I also like that we can use Sumdog, a math game on the computer were they test your math skills vs people around the world in very fun games. After you have got lots of coins you can move up a level till you get to the highest level which I don't think anyone has gotten yet.