Civil War Battles

Anayeli Deleon

Battle of Antietam

Union Commander:General George B. McClellan

Confederate Commander: General Robert E. Lee

The battle of Antietam was one of the battles that occurred during the American Civil War. The battle only lasted 12 hours;these 12 hours made this day the most bloodiest day in American History. The strategy that the North used was to invade the South and convince the confederate people to re-join the Union. Since the North won the Battle of Antietam Abraham Lincoln created the Emancipation Proclamation.

Battle of Gettysburg

Union Commander:General George Meade

Confederate Commander: General Robert E. Lee

The Battle of Gettysburg is one of the biggest battles fought in the American Civil War; this battle had lasted 3 days. The Battle of Gettysburg was one of the bloodiest battles in the Northern Hemisphere. The North did a massive assault on the South by doing the "Anaconda Plan". The Confederate Army had won the battle, which made General Lee become cocky. The end of this battle leaded to the Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address.

Battle of Vicksburg

Union Commander:General Ulysses S. Grant

Confederate Commander: Genreal John C. Pemberton

The Battle of Vicksburg lasted for 47 days. As a result of the Battle of Vicksburg the Union got the chance to be in charge of the Mississippi River, due to the fact that the Union won the battle. A strategy that General Ulysses S. Grant used was to establish a siege and once the South stated running low on supplies and weapons he eventually attacked the South and won the battle.