Cam Newton Contests

Sponsored by Nike


Come out to the Cam Newton Contests Sponsored by Nike! The contest is for kids ages 12-18 who love football and Cam Newton! In the contest you will have to show your football throwing accuracy and NFL spirit. Winners receive gift baskets that include a mini football, a Panthers water bottle and a signed Cam Newton jersey!

The first contest is for your football throwing accuracy, in which you will have to throw 3 footballs into a tire from 20 feet away. The quickest to do so wins a Cam Newton gift basket.

The next contest is the NFL spirit contest. The kid with the most creative and cool outfit wins a gift basket as well. Cam Newton chooses the winner!

Food and other fun games and activities will be provided!

$30 a ticket, which you can purchase on

Thursday, June 23rd, 12-3pm

Bank of America Stadium

800 S Mint St, Charlotte, NC 28202