HR Week at a Glance

Week of June 25 & July 9

Week of June 25

Monday, June 25

Board Mtg

Kim B/Missy out all week

Tuesday, June 26

New Hire Orientation

Wednesday, June 27

Dept Meeting 9:00 (tentative)

Thursday, June 28

Friday, June 29

Happy Friday!

Week of July 9

Monday, July 9

Welcome Back!

Eric - out

Terri - out

Tuesday, July 10

Kim C/B, Kitty, Eric & Kitty leave for Austin

Terri - out

Wednesday, July 11

Kim C/B, Kitty, Eric & Kitty in Austin

Terri - out

Thursday, July 12

Kim C/B, Kitty, Eric & Kitty in Austin

Terri -out

Friday, July 13

HR Happenings

  • Thank you to all of you who made adjustments to our New Hire Orientation. Sometimes the slightest little tweaks make big impacts! Thank you for making this a memorable experience for our newest employees!
  • If you'd like to view the NISD highlight reel that we play prior to the orientation, click here.
  • As vacations arise, please be sure to utilize your "Out of Office" email and voicemail options.
  • As a reminder, please place your Vacation absences on the HR Calendar so we can all prepare.
  • NISD Holiday Closure: July 2-6
  • HR Team Day - July 19th!

Summer Absences

Out for 1 personal, sick or vacation day - make up 1.5 hours

Out for 2 days - make up 3 hours

Out for 3 days - apply 1/2 additional sick, personal or vacation plus make up .5 hours

Please communicate with your supervisor to ensure that appropriate time is recorded for you.

Looking Ahead: Summer Dates

July Orientation Dates: 17th, 24th (tentative), and 31st.

Last day to resign penalty-free: July 13th

Elementary/Middle School Administrators Return: July 16th

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