Life in Iqaluit Nunavut


Some of the animals that have survived the cold are wolves and grizzly bears . A common plant is the arctic poppy .Seals, walrus and beluga whales are commonly found in the water. Polar bears are also found in Nunavut .Polar bears exelent swimmers and found on ice berges as they hunt for food.
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Nunavut has the coldest winter in Canada. the winters last for at least 9 months.It has long in the summer and long nights in the winter. Nunavut has huge snow storms every year.
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Nunavut is home to about 25,000 Canadians. Nunavut biggest town is Iqaluit .Most of the people in Nunavut are Inuit . Some people in Nunavut have come from other parts of Canada.
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Nunavut has tundra . Tundra is covered with moss, tough grasses, small willow shrubs. The soil in Nunavut is frozen, which makes it hard to grow crops. Airplanes fly many fruits & vegetables to Nunavut.