Mount Gambier

Why is Mount Gambier a unique environment?


Mount Gambier is a special environment located in South Australia.

Natural Features

Mount Gambier is a unique natural environment because of it's big crater lakes and it's underwater cave systems.


Mount Gambier is a special environment because it is so popular. Tourists like to visit the volcano and the big crater lakes.

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Mount Gambier is special because of its uses. It is used for mining.

Cultural Significance

Mount Gambier has special cultural significance. The Aboriginal inhabitants of Mount Gambier called it 'eveng balam' or 'free belum'.

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The history of Mount Gambier is very interesting. The crater of Mount Gambier was found in 1800 by James Grant. In 1813 it was found to be a volcano. The land was granted to Evelyn Curt. The first local government was formed in 1863 and on December 9th Mount Gambier was declared a city.


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