April 2021 Newsletter

Northwest Montana Educational Cooperative

From the Director's Desk

Teacher Appreciation 2021: We are excited about the upcoming Teacher Appreciation evening with Kim Campbell (see event below). We are asking that if you return award nominations by Friday, April 9th. This year the award winners will be notified in advance to give them a chance to create an acceptance video which will be played during the virtual awards presentation.

Pleasant Valley Helpers: We greatly appreciate the efforts of our Pleasant Valley friends in helping us sort and create math training kits before spring break. Such hard workers!

Freshman Survery: The Freshman Survey for students and teachers will be sent out in early April to be returned by early May. Middle School teams should expect to receive their school's results by the middle of May, so you can utilize the data for planning and advising your 8th graders with the advice provided to them by your alumni.

Have a wonderful Spring and final stretch of the school year!

PIR Net Information

Please check that you have the correct information in the PIR Net system to ensure that you receive the necessary communications.

Here are some helpful Links for Registering for and using our PIR Net System for Professional Development...

PIR Net Site Link

PIR Net Sign-Up Directions

This 3 min. tutorial will help you get started with PIR Net and help you navigate your account.


Gifts of Imperfection Follow-Up Session

Tuesday, April 6th, 4:30-5:30pm

This is an online event.

Prerequisite-Participation in The Gifts of Imperfection Book Club

This is a one-hour follow-up session to reflect on what we have been able to implement since our book club ended and to catch up with each other. Because it will only be one hour, it is not eligible to be counted as PIR, but will count for one (1) OPI renewal unit.

Register on PIRnet #9249. A Zoom Link will be sent by Mon. 4/5 to registered participants.

Teacher Appreciation Evening

Wednesday, May 5th, 6-8pm

This is an online event.

This event will be brought to you live through a virtual platform. The awards will take place the first 30 minutes and then our keynote speaker, Kim Campbell will present a fun, engaging 90 minute keynote address. Kim is a specialist in motivation techniques that really work!

Two (2) OPI renewal units are available. Register on PIRnet: #9250

KEYNOTE: "We Will Survive!!"

There's never been a year like this one!! But we, as educators,

will always survive because we know and understand that

having a sense of humor, building positive strong relationships

are at the foundation of all we do, even during a pandemic. Join

me as we have fun laughing, playing, and celebrating all the

great things about being amazing educators.

Award Nominations are being accepted now through April 9th, in the categories of:

  • Couldn't Do It Without You (Support Staff)
  • King/Queen Cootie (Administrator)
  • Got Your Back (Board Trustee)
  • Extra Mile Educator (Teacher)
  • Rookie of the Year (Teacher in first few years)

See attached nomination form that says "Google Docs: Sign-In" which will prompt you to make a copy. Complete and share with Beth Lambert: office@nwmtcoop.org

Co-op Finance Meeting

Thursday, March 18th, 8:30-9am

This is an online event.

Co-op Management Board Meeting

Thursday, March 18th, 9:30-11:15am

This is an online event.

Week of the Young Child 50th Anniversary: April 10-16

Please have your students' artwork submitted by April 9th to participate in the downtown display and auction. Read the attached letter for more information.

PK-5th Kick Off To Summer Mini Conference June 12th!

Lunch will be provided for educators who register in advance. Click "Register" on the attached flyer.

This is a very exciting free opportunity for pre-school through fifth-grade educators. Available to Flathead, Lincoln, Sanders, and Lake county educators. Paras, teachers, and leaders are all welcome and encouraged to attend.