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September Newsletter

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  • Activities/Workshops
    • Academic, STEM & Financial Literacy, and mentorship activities
  • Advising/Counseling
    • Academic advising support and financial literacy counseling
  • College Mentoring
    • In-person/virtual mentoring
    • In-class mentoring in all BE111 sections
  • Embedded Tutoring
    • In-person/virtual tutoring in all math or science courses via 1:1 or group sessions
    • In-class/virtual tutoring in all math courses up to MA132, BI101, and EG101
  • Computer/Printer Access, Resources*, & Study Space
    • Printing/copying services, course textbooks, calculators, laptops, tablets, headphones, musical instruments, and study space are available at the PROA Center *All resources can only be used at the PROA Center.

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International Coastal Cleanup

Each year, on the third Saturday of September, people from all around the world come together at their local beaches and coastlines to take part in what is called the International Coastal Cleanup (ICC). ICC Day began over 30 years ago and was founded by Linda Maraniss and Kathy O’hara, both of whom were concerned about the amount of debris that polluted our oceans. Marine debris is not only a threat to wildlife and their habitats, it is also a threat to human health and our economy. That is why it is important to tackle this issue and be part of the recovery of our ocean resources.

The two main goals of the International Coastal Cleanup Day is to simultaneously clean our coasts and collect data regarding the types of trash found during the cleanup. This element of data collection is what makes the ICC unique. The data collected during the ICC gets inputted into the Global Trash Database and helps combat the issue of marine debris.

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