Texas State Universtiy

Geneva Cienega

Requirements for Texas State University


  • Critical Reading 460-560
  • Math 480-570
  • Writing 440-540


  • Composite 21-25
  • English 20-24
  • Math 21-25

About Texas State:

Texas State is the home of the Bobcats, in San Marcos, Texas. With a city population of 50,000 people.

What are the Requirements for my major?

The requirements to become a RN Nurse would be to take the normal classes like
Reading, Math, Quantitative Reasoning, also more specific classes like Health Science, Life and Physical Sciences, Anatomy and Physiology, Creative Expression, Fundamentals of Speech and also many more rigorous classes.

Interesting Facts about Texas State...

  • Texas State has not always been named Texas State, it has been renamed multiple times and each name reflects the university's growth from a small teacher preparation institution to a major, multi-purpose university.
  • Through its nine academic colleges, Texas State offers nearly 200 undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.

Cost for Semester and housing

Housing: $7,800 each year

Classes start off at $12,250 per 12 hours

Notas de Subjuntivo

Contextos de "WEIRDO"

Indicativo- present, pasado, o future

Subjuntivo- deseos, esperanzas, opinions, emociones, recomendaciones, e incertidumbre

Imperativo- mandar o diciries a otras personas, de manera fuerte, que hacer o que no hacer.

Para Usar Subjuntivo

Dos partes (o verbos) en la oracion, unidos por la palabra "que:

Dos susetos diferentes


Deseo que voy a la Universidad de Texas State

Tengo miedo que no puedo ir a la Uneversidad

Mi mama no cree que no me van a acceptar en la Uneversidad

Senor Vasques me recomenda que debo sacar buenas notas

Yo dudo que no me van a acceptar

Si quieres ir a la Uneversidad de Texas State, debes que sacar buenas notas