Coastal Plains

Of Texas

A glance at where the Coastal Plains are.

The Texas Coastal Plains are located in the blue area of the map. They are in the eastern part of Texas and near the Gulf of Mexico. It is also located in bottom of southwestern part of the United States of America. The Coastal plains is very humid with a little wind. There are many water sources including the ocean. The resources found here are oil, water, and wood from the amount of trees they have. There are a lot of oil companies that dig out all the oil, that is a main industry. The coastal plains is a very populated place. The population is about 4.5 million people.

The Alamo

The Alamo is a man-made destination built in 1724. It was built by Spain as they were on their misson called San Antonia de Valero. Their mission was to build a good place called San Antonio, which is located in the Coastal Plains region. This region borders Mexico, where they were coming from.They did not have to travel far into Texas to come to this region. It is not far from the ocean, which was good for others to travel by ship. Spain built the Alamo to have a home for the missionaries. This place played a big role in many events in Texas history. It was involved in the Texas Revolution and many other happenings. Now the Alamo is a museum of all that happened there.

Natural Destination

Whitecap Beach is a natural destination located in Corpus Christi along the Gulf Coast. If you go to Whitecap Beach, you will find it in the Coastal Plains. It is typical to find a sandy beach in the Costal Plains, because it is along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. It is a fun place to play beach volleyball or go surfing.