Maple Room

Children at Work 12.7 - 12.11

Continuing to Use Nicola Davies as a Mentor!

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Children's illustrations and language continue to become more colorful as they look to Nicola Davies as a mentor. Children continue to think of the things we know and love, particularly animals. They label with humor and purpose. They create lists of facts, similar to those seen and heard during read aloud and independent reading. They are beginning to explore narrative non-fiction as a genre.

Are your children deciding to write in their free time at home? More than a few have been asking to do it across our day. Their ideas are strong and present. Let's continue to nurture this love of writing.

What is this machine used for?

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Creating Mandalas With Vin!

Several weeks ago, Vin came to celebrate Diwali alongside the children. She came back this past week to share mandala making with the children. Collaboratively, the Maples created four mandalas to honor the season.

Reminders and News:

Field Trip:

We will be visiting the Whitney this Tuesday, the 15th of December. We will be taking the train, and will leave around 9:00. Following our visit to the Whitney, we plan to explore the high line.

Toys and School:

We kindly ask that you do not send your child to school with toys from home. These toys can often become distracting. More importantly, we want the children to interact with our classroom and school materials in the most purposeful of ways. Sometimes additional toys can interfere with this. We do our best to keep play and materials open-ended. Let's work collaboratively to preserve the symbolic state.

Leave of Absence:

As you all know, Brian will be taking a six week personal leave. He will rejoin the Maple Room on the 25th of January. In the interim, Michelle will be taking over his role. This past Friday, we all gathered beneath a linden tree in Ronald Edmonds Park (it looks the most similar to a maple tree) and inaugurated Michelle.