Victorian Era Fashion News Article

By:Kailey Best and Illiana Devasthali

Womens fashion in the Victorian Era

In fashion, women wore dresses that were in layers according to length. The women's fashion was nothing (according to them ) without their shawl the women would have a corset that would fit their body shape tightened or loosened they wore eight layers of clothing. The drawers,slip,corset,petticoat,camisole,bustle,underskirt,and a jacket or t-shirt. Women cared a lot about their body shape.

Victorian Era women

Women in the Victorian Era were very picky. They cared about their look alot! The most popular color to wear was green, they wore frilly and fancy clothing anywhere they went even if it was just to the market.

Mens fashion in the Victorian Era

Men on the other hand, wore more simple clothes like waistcoats,top hats,tailcoats/coats,and trousers. They would carry around a walking stick with a gold or silver tip. They would also carry around a stopwatch that would match the walking stick. They wore nightgowns to bed and wore gloves with their outfits. They didn't care much about how they looked.

Victorian Era men

Men dont really care about what they wear. They only really wear nice clothes for special occasions.