Teen Depression in United States

Depression As Common in Teens as Adults

  • 1 in 5 teens will have an episode by end of adolescence
  • one problem is anxiety of what people think of them
  • Before puberty number of boys to girls with social anxiety is equal
  • After puberty it is twice as much for girls
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  • Kids who are still depressed are genetically vulnerable
  • Environment they grew up in plays part in their depression
  • some teens have anhedonia (an-he-DOAN-e-ah)
  • Anhedonia- can't find pleasure in everyday activities
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  • Depressed teens replay bad experiences over and over again
  • Many depressed teens lack upbeat tendency
  • Many depressed teens go to self-harm blogs
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  • Self-harm blogs aren't understood
  • Many people outside them find them disturbing
  • A lot of teens turn to blogs instead of people
  • Many teens post because they won't be judged
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  • Experts say blogs are a bad influence (they can cause relapse)
  • NEDA (the eating disorder advocacy group) and To Write Love On Her Arms have ideas to stop self-harm blogs
  • NEDA recently launched Proud2BMe (social netoworking site)
  • TWLOHA has accumulated 250,000 followers
  • With stress depression can get worse
  • Some people choose hospitalization
  • Some people write a list of things to live for
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  • Teen suicide rates are high
  • Between 1950 and 1990 rate was 4 times higher
  • By age 17, 1 in 4 students are aware of a student who died
  • Stories of lives saved don't reach headlines
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  • Scientist are looking for a new way to identify depression

  • They think a blood test can tell

  • Testing only includes teens and “early onset” depression
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