May 6 9:25-10:10 Our class time at the book fair, send $$ or come join them

May 6 National Bike to School Day

May 4-8 OSE Bookfair in the library

May 12 Field Trip to Fort Worth Science Museum and IMAX (sack lunch, anyone can meet us there and spend the day with us)

May 22 Bad weather make up day--We will have school

May 25 Memorial Day no school

May 28 2nd Grade Musical Program 5:30 pm in the cafeteria--please download the sone Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini and help me teach them ALL the words, this is one of our songs for the program. My mom is making their costumes and I am purchasing the accessories.

June 3 2nd Grade end of year party 1:45

June 5 Bad weather make up day-We will have school

We had such an amazing week last week! We had the Morris Brother's assembly on No Bullying! They were hilarious and gave such a positive message. Check out their website for activities you can explore. They also talked about the difference between tattling and reporting. It is hard for kids to know the difference. It ended with some pretty crazy dancing! Fun stuff!

Our Dia de los Ninos celebration was fantastic! We have such an amazing librarian! The kids enjoyed all of the costumes from each other and the teachers. We had special culutral music, dancing, a bounce house and a guest artist presentation. We read with our 5th grade buddies and had a ball! This is offically going to be an annual event. I suggest you keep your eyes open for fun costume ideas next Halloween that you can hide away until May. The entire 3rd grade from Lakeside Elementary came and spent the day with us. It was a magical time and I am excited we will get to make it a tradition. The snacks were delicious thanks to the Gibson's and the Gleason's. Thank you so much! We also had Mrs. Conrad as our mystery reader. So much fun! Thank you for the neat animal activity books. The kids loved them.

The McGhee Monsters were a huge hit! We had a great time at field day! Our pe coach is top notch and provided a great experience for the school. I was so proud of the kids and how they cheered and supported each other. There were other classes that were fighting and competing fiercely against each other. My class corrected the 5th grade helpers when they announced which line won a relay and said, "we are all winners!" My heart almost burst! The kindness and patience is takes to cheer on and wait for team mates that are not as athletic, differently abled, or just couldn't quited get the hang of the game, this is a huge accomplishment! To raise a child that is sensitive to others, treats others equally and puts others first, that is a specal thing! Good job parents! I LOVE THIS CLASS! We enjoyed watching Paddington in the afternoon, a picnic lunch in the hallway with all of the 2nd grade and rotating through fun stations of blocks, legos, tinker toys, lincoln logs and marble runs. It was a great day.

This week should be fairly calm and normal. We do visit the counselor on Tuesday for a guidance lesson. Don't forget to work on their Itsy BItsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini song at home. Thank you for your help with that.

Have a great week.

April McGhee


Math- We are working on geometry right now. They are exploring 3-D shapes, identifying vertices, edges and faces. We will add measurement and reading a clock to this unit.

Language Arts- We are still doing book clubs and working on book portfolios. They are now copying their final versions of their fractured fairy tales into hardback blank books. We will begin persuasive writing and letter writing this week.

Science- We are studying weather and the water cycle.