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Ardalon Fakhimi is a Highly Experienced DUI Lawyer in Orange County

Anyone facing DUI charges can have an agonizing experience affecting personal freedoms, future employment opportunities, auto insurance increases, and loss of driving privileges. A DUI case should not be treated less seriously than other criminal offenses. A DUI conviction results in a permanent criminal record for the individual, making a bad situation even worse. Hiring a knowledgeable DUI lawyer is the best possible way create a strong defense and get back to your normal life. An experienced DUI lawyer can help you develop a strategy to reach the optimal results in your case.

DUI defense is a complex and specialized area of criminal defense. It requires an in-depth knowledge of both science and law. Having an experienced DUI defense lawyer on your side will help you obtain a positive outcome. Like most people, you might be thinking, “How do I choose the right DUI lawyer?” Here are some qualities that you should consider when searching for a DUI lawyer:

· Has taken many DUI cases to trial and won.
· Primarily practices as a DUI defense attorney.
· Has a great track record of maintaining contact with his clients.
· Spends long hours with clients during consultations and listens to them carefully.
· Meticulously investigates all the facts from the beginning to the end of the case.
· Handles your case personally and does not assign younger associates to handle your defense.
· Does not limit the number of court appearances he/she is willing to make on your behalf.
· Is a member of various DUI related professional associations.

If you are searching for a DUI lawyer in Orange County who possesses all of the above-mentioned qualities, then contact Ardalon Fakhimi at California Criminal Defense Center. Ardalon is a highly experienced lawyer who has been practicing criminal and DUI defense for the past 14 years. He will personally handle every aspect of your case until if is completed. He meticulously evaluates all of the evidence in your case and develops a strategic plan for our defense, whether including jury trial preparation and/or settlement agreements.

California Criminal Defense Center is a law office that exclusively practices DUI and Criminal Defense throughout all the major counties of Southern California. Every one of their clients in Orange County is represented by an experienced criminal defense attorney who has successfully litigated and negotiated several thousand criminal and DUI cases ranging from simple misdemeanors to serious and violent felonies.

If your case occurred in Orange County and you are seeking a top criminal defense lawyer, contact Mr. Fakhimi at 1-800-384-5464 to discuss your case. More details can also be found online by visiting our website at www.criminaldefensecorp.com.