Pamlico Sound

By: Taylor Spiva


The Pamlico Sound is located on the East Coast of North Carolina. It is the largest estuary across the East Coast. It is a body of water that is separated from the Atlantic Ocean by the Outer Banks. It receives water from Roanoke Island, Neus-Trent river, and the Albemarle Sound.
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Threats and Animals/Plants

Some threats to Pamlico Sound are changes in land bordering and pollution to the water, harming the plants and animals that live there. Loggerhead turtles hatch on the beaches and then swim out into the ocean for food when they hatch. Herons and egrets find fish in this estuary and use it as their food source. White ibises are also found here and use it as a local food source. Another bird that is commonly found there is the Rare White Pelican. They come and also use the estuary as a food source.

Importance of Estuaries

Estuaries are important because they help to control erosion in the area, buffer storm impacts, and produce fish so we can feed ourselves and our animals. They also help to reduce flooding to the mainland. Estuaries are overall a natural way to protect the environment. They help to filter things for plants and animals. Estuaries also help to add to our groundwater supply so we have more groundwater available to us.