Grade 4 GATE Book Project

What is this project all about?


Students in Grade 4 GATE will be bringing home a novel project for them to start working on. The novel they are reading is on their reading level. Having said that, should your child or you realize it is too hard for them to decode or to comprehend, please contact me and I will find another novel suitable. In addition to reading the novel, they will have several related activities to complete related to the concept of change and their understanding of the book itself.


Last year, students were introduced to the concept of change and studied generalizations that go along with it. This year they will use this knowledge while reading their novel and apply it to what they are reading. This correlates to many of the essential curriculum standards that fourth graders are responsible for mastering.


Much of the work for this project will be done independently at home. Students can use any of the reading as their 20-25 minutes required per night. I will set aside one class period per week for them to work on their assignments and ask for clarification or help.


Once we finish going over all the expectations of the book assignments, students will be given a calendar to help plan how they will divide up their work. We will also have check-in days along the way to make sure they are keeping up with getting things done.

Have no fear - I realize this is the first type of project where students must take responsibility for time management. We are in this together. Students will determine the final due date and I guarantee it will be realistic!

How? (How can you help? and How I will help them)

My role is to fully explain each assignment and be there for when they have questions. That is why I am establishing check-in days.

Your role is to help them make sure they are getting their work done. Please sit down with them and map out the project on their calendars. Do not hesitate to contact me with questions or concerns.

Final Words

First, your child's success/mastery of this project could be impacted should they not pay attention in class to the expectations of each assignment. I will provide them with several sheets that explain each book assignment.

Please know I realize that at first glance this may seem overwhelming! Also know that besides being your child's teacher, I am a mom (of Alyssa, a 4th grade GATE student) too. I like to think I am mindful of striking a balance between school and home. That is why your child will be given plenty of time and lots of instruction for this project. After all, I will need to listen to my own daughter complain otherwise!