Lombard District 44 Update

Monthly News from Lombard Elementary District 44

Final Dual Language Parent Informational Evening Scheduled

Join us Thursday, January 10 to learn more about the Lombard District 44 Dual Language Program. Our final informational evening will take place from 6-7 pm at the District 44 Administration Center, 150 W. Madison Street, in Lombard.

The Lombard School District 44 English and Spanish Dual Language Program promotes high academic achievement across all content areas in an environment that embraces diversity and strives for excellence. Students in the Dual Language Program will become bilingual, biliterate, and bicultural.

Questions? Please contact Maria Martin, EL/Bilingual Coordinator, by e-mailing


5 Essentials Parent Survey Deadline is Approaching

Gathering input from our parent community is essential to our continuous improvement efforts as a school community.

Please click here to complete the survey today for each school where you have a student enrolled. The survey is only open through January 18, 2019. Each of our schools and the district will use information gathered from the survey to help identify areas of strength and areas for improvement. Please know the identity of respondents and their survey responses will be kept completely confidential.

The survey is not long and should only take about 10 minutes to complete. Thank you for taking the time to share with us your critical feedback.

Inside Our Schools: Recognizing and Celebrating Milestone Moments

Please visit the webpage today for more items that have been shared this month highlighting milestone moments happening in our schools! The following stories have recently been added:

  • John Schroder Early Childhood Center Gives Students the Gift of Christmas
  • Board of Education Members Recognized for Service
  • Wildcat Band Prepares with Elmhurst Professor for Upcoming Performances, Competition

Connect 44 Team Provides Further Reflection, Moves into Final Stages of Plan Development

Members of the Connect 44 Strategic Planning Team had their fourth meeting on Thursday. A smaller team of individuals will meet again in January to finalize the last piece of the new strategic plan -- developing strategies. A draft version of the plan will then be shared with the community for further feedback and input before it is provided to the Board of Education for consideration and approval.

During the meeting on Thursday, the team focused on the following:

Mission and Vision

Superintendent Ted Stec asked the group to reflect on their own relationship with the district and share their individual success stories. Through this dialogue, many members of the team commented on how much they value working in or being a part of the Lombard 44 community. They also shared their confidence in the future direction of the district.

Indicators of A Successful School

Members of the team reviewed the final set of strategic objectives, which will serve as “Indicators of A Successful School” in the final strategic plan (the full list is below). As Superintendent Ted Stec shared, these indicators are crucial because they allow the district to demonstrate not only what it values but also how it defines success.

The team was asked to determine the right measurement tools it should utilize to gauge its achievement of these indicators. As part of this, team members reviewed feedback from all staff provided on Opening Day. These measurement tools will be linked in the final strategic plan with each indicator.

Indicators of A Successful School

  • Increased Home School Connection & Parent Involvement
  • Strengthened Community Partnership & Civic Opportunities
  • Improved Communications
  • Increased Employee Satisfaction
  • Increased Student Satisfaction
  • Improved Resources & Support to Students and Staff
  • Increased Employee & Student Involvement in Activities
  • Prioritized Spending
  • Enhanced Opportunities for Collaborative Decision-Making
  • Increased Leadership Opportunities
  • Increased Alignment with ESSA

Vetting of the Plan

A draft version of the strategic plan was given to team members to review. The team was asked to answer specific questions regarding the layout, content and communication of the plan. This will be utilized to make additional refinements before the plan is shared publicly with all staff and parents. Staff and parents can expect to review the plan in February and offer additional input at that time.

Meet Our Latest #D44Unselfie Team

In November, Superintendent Ted Stec launched the "D44 Unselfie" Campaign as a way to recognize students, staff, parents and community members engaged in selfless acts of service. Help support us in continuing this conversation by sharing with us acts of kindness you have witnessed by those in the Lombard 44 community.

You can either e-mail us at communciation@sd44.org using the subject line "D44 Unselfie" or by posting to Twitter using #D44Unselfie. We will continue to feature these stories throughout the year.

D44 Unselfie: Student Council

Unselfie Act: Collecting Socks for the Homeless

Several members of Student Council from throughout the district recently held their "Socktober." During the event, students collected hundreds of socks generously donated by Lombard families and staff. Student Council Officers worked hard at tallying every pair that will help keep the feet of those in need warm and dry this winter.

D44 Unselfie: Lombard District 44 PTA Volunteers

Unselfie Act: Supporting the Needs of Teachers & Students

From hosting fun events for families, to helping pay for field trips and assemblies, the PTAs at each one of the Lombard District 44 schools do much to give back, and they are fueled by an incredible group of volunteers.

These volunteers take time off work to help with field days, balance the role of presidency with their other responsibilities, help out on picture day so each child looks their best, carefully construct the annual yearbook and more. Each PTA's responsibilities vary school-to-school, but each one shares a high level of commitment and dedication to the students and staff of this district.

D44 Unselfie: Glenn Westlake Middle School Teachers

Unselfie Act: Supporting a Family in Need

When a group of teachers heard about a family that may not be able to provide their child gifts, they quickly came together to develop a plan. Using their lunch hour, the team went to Target to purchase gift cards that were then provided to the family to purchase their children Christmas gifts.

D44 Unselfie: Catherine Tecktiel

Unselfie Act: Hosting a Free Thanksgiving Meal for the Community

Every year, Glenn Westlake seventh grade reading teacher Catherine Tecktiel and her family run a free Thanksgiving dinner at a church in Downers Grove. It's a home-cooked, sit-down meal, cooked by volunteer cooks and served by volunteer servers.

This year, 50 plus volunteers cooked 14 turkeys, 11 hams, and served more than 175 people! While all are welcome, they strive to attract those who are homeless, transient, elderly, poor in spirit, or otherwise in need. With the help of many Glenn Westlake teacher donations and Glenn Westlake Social Worker Kelly Konkey's family, the meal served was a complete success.

D44 Unselfie: Sandy Osborn

Unselfie Act: Tutoring a Student in Need

When Administrative Assistant Sandy Osborn learned that a child needed to be home due to a recent medical diagnosis, she knew she needed to help.

Sandy quickly worked toward renewing her teaching licensure so she could tutor the child mid-day -- the time of day in which he feels feel most up for learning.

In recognition of Sandy, the family of the child recently purchased a tree for Brookfield Zoo's Christmas celebrations and decorated it in the theme of blessings and curses. It is here that you will find Sandy's picture on the tree, clearly marked as one of their blessings.