March KWC Newsletter

March 2023

Monthly Principal Updates

March is Fine Arts Month!

We will celebrate Fine Arts Month at KWC with music playing throughout the school at arrival and Color Days! See the flier linked here for more information on Color Days

Spelling Bee Winner

We would like to congratulate the following 5th Grade students on their participation in our KWC Spelling Bee. These students qualified for the Spelling Bee by winning their classroom spelling bees. On January 11th, these spellers represented their class in our annual KWC Spelling Bee.

Rohan Rutt and Sheyenne Barratt represented Mrs. Hillerson's class

Anna Ruth Lovorn and Jacob Blackford represented Mrs. Kleffman's class

Zoe Mendez and Chelsea Magin represented Mrs. Nelson's class

Charlie Johnson and Emily Buxton represented Mrs. Wauer's class

Charlie Johnson was our champion speller for KWC for 2023. His winning word was "engagement". He represented Culbert at the County Spelling Bee Run Off that was held online on March 2, 2023. We are very proud of all his efforts and accomplishments!

Yearbook Sales continue

Yearbooks contiue to be on sale through mid-April for $20. Visit the link below on the KWC website for more information

Updates from our Parent Representatives in LCPS Parent Organizations

Each month, KWC parent representatives for LCPS Parent Organizations will share information they have from the monthly meetings. Below are the links to information from the last meetings.

LEAF Notes linked,

Sarah Dorosky, Parent Representative

MSAAC Notes linked,

Robin Scott, Parent Representative

SEAC Notes linked

Counselor's Corner

In February, all classes explored the topic of kindness. Kindergarteners and 1st graders also learned about interpersonal diversity. Grades 2 and 4 learned about stress/coping skills. Students in grades 3 and 5 learned and practiced self-regulation strategies with connections to previous learning about the brain. We also explored strategies to obtain a good night’s sleep.

As part of a comprehensive school counseling program, Loudoun County Public Schools School Counselors deliver developmentally appropriate curriculum and instruction to support student success. The three main areas of focus are academic, social-emotional, and college and career readiness. Beginning in March we will focus on college and career readiness for two to three lessons. This is an exciting time for students as they get to explore the world of work. In each grade level, students will have unique opportunities to explore developmentally appropriate activities and lessons designed to engage students in career exposure and exploration.

According to the VDOE Standards of Learning for School Counseling Programs in Virginia Public Schools, Students in grade K-5 will:

● understand the concepts of job and career,

● understand that behaviors such as punctuality, courtesy, proper dress and proper language are essential to current and future success,

● understand the relationship of individual effort, hard work and persistence to achievement,

● understand the importance of teamwork in working towards a common goal, ● demonstrate the decision making process,

● demonstrate goal setting,

● recognize the benefits of both individual initiative and teamwork,

● recognize that the changing workplace requires lifelong learning,

● identify hobbies and interests, and

● identify career choices through exploration.

Beginning in the elementary school years, students will also begin the development of an Academic and Career Plan Portfolio (ACPP). Students will explore the different occupations associated with career clusters and explore information about interests, values such as dependability and responsibility, and skills supporting decisions about their future interests and goals. Each year, students will create a developmentally appropriate artifact for this portfolio. To help document their exploration, students may draw a photo, match tools to a profession, complete a survey exploring career clusters/pathways, and much more. We know that students' interests and skills will likely change over time, however, the goal is to help elementary school students begin to think about the future.

Small groups that meet during lunches have begun and will continue throughout the year. If you have any questions or just want to talk about support for your child please call or email Ms Jeananne Shultz.

Upcoming Events

March is Fine Arts Month

Music played during student arrival over the loudspeaker.

Color Days to celebrate Art!

March 3
Fine Arts Month Color Day - Wear RED

Teacher Coffee Cart

March 6

Spring ASAP begins

March 7

8:30 - Assembly: The Magic of Joe Romano

March 8

PTO - Feed First Responders

March 10

Fine Arts Month Color Day - Wear BLUE

March 13

NO SCHOOL - Student Holiday (County-Wide Staff Development)

March 14

10:30 AM - PTO sponsored Pi Day Staff Luncheon

March 15

9:30 AM - PTO meeting; in person or virtual

5:00 PM - Boba Spirit Night at Empress Pearl Tea (see flier)

March 16

Moveable Monday - Monday Specials Today

4th grade field trip to Jamestown

March 17

Fine Arts Month Color Day - Wear GREEN

March 22

3rd grade field trip to Udvar-Hazy Center

March 24

Fine Arts Month Color Day - Wear ORANGE

End of grading period

March 27

NO SCHOOL - Student Holiday (Unencumbered Planning)

March 28

7:00 AM - Pastries for Parents (K-2) (see flier) (volunteer sign up here)

March 29

7:00 AM - Pastries for Parents (3-5) (see flier) (volunteer sign up here)

March 31

Fine Arts Month Color Day - Wear YELLOW

Spring Break

April 3-7