Egypt's Geography

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The lifeblood of Egypt

The Nile river is a beautiful river. It is located in Northeastern Africa. It's length goes up to 4,132 miles. It is the longest river in the world! The Nile river is awesome.

The Nile River Cataracts

The Nile river Cataracts was the big waterfall in the Nile River. It might be big but it is in shallow lengths. It is broken by small boulders. The waterfall is shallow but the waters are very fast. I like the Nile River Cataracts.

Egypt is awesome!

Juan-Carlos Amezquita

Egypt's geography is very interesting to me because we get to learn about mummies, The Nile river, and some dangerous animals. We also get to learn about Egyptian kings and queens. Egypt is an amazing place because There is so many artifacts and ancient stuff over there. Egypt is awesome.