Schindler's list

How schindler saved many Jews

What Schindler Did

Schindler originally started off as a Nazi camp leader. As his first camp started it started off as any other Nazi camp. After awhile, however, Schindler started to realize that Jews are also human who have families and others who care about them. Schindler, unlike other camp leaders was starting to feel sympathy for people in the camp. As a result of how he was feeling he started to stop his Nazi workers from killing Jews. He also stopped being so harsh to Jews. When Hitler wanted to send the Jews to Auschwitz Oskar Schindler made a list at least 1,100 jews. Those jews would be sent to Schindler's new camp instead of Auschwitz and would be treated well for living in a Nazi camp. In the end Schindler saved 1,100 camp prisoners.

A bump along the way

Once Schindler made his list of Jews he was planning to have them sent to his new camp. However, when the Jews were on the train to go, the traIn went to Auschwitz. In Auschwitz they started cutting off the Jews hair and getting them ready to be killed. Once Schindler found this out he immediately went to Auschwitz to try to get his Jews back that were supposed to be at his camp. Luckily Schindler was able to bribe workers to allow him to get a train and to to get his original Jews back. Schindler not only saved men but also kids and women too.


The movie

Schindler's list was made into a movie to show more of what it was in Schindler's life. It shows Jews being killed and some cruel things the Nazis would to be. It also shows how Schindler worked his camps and saved many Jews. The movie really helps you understand more of the reality of the holocaust.