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Together is Better 10.4.17

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QHS- Student Success Night- an updated approach to Back to School Night

Instructional Coaches

Our Instructional Coaches are here for you!

Over the next several weeks ICs Yvonne and Susan will be delivering the first professional development opportunity to extend learning from our August 23 Eliminating Barriers to Learning (EBL) day. They will be collaborating with your staffs in site discussions about strategies to increase parent and community involvement in our schools.

Yvonne: ycasalnuovo@pcoe.k12.ca.us

Susan: sfrediani@pcoe.k12.ca.us

Teacher to Teacher Observations

Last Thursday, Instructional Coach Yvonne Casalnuovo arranged for a day of collaboration and sharing for our new teachers. 11 teachers, including every elementary site, came to QES to observe veteran teachers and learn from each other. In addition to observing QES teachers, Yvonne had recorded a lesson done by Susan Tantardino at CES that was used to show other 5th/6th grade teachers how she was using our curriculum. They came away with many great ideas, including two pages of notes. If you'd like to see all that they did, check out this notes page- good for beginning and veteran teachers alike.

Change to Media Specialist Position

Drew Garland, our Media Specialist, will be leaving PUSD/PCOE, with his last day being Wednesday, 9/27/17. Thank you Drew for your years of service to PUSD/PCOE and we wish you well on your new endeavor.

We will be analyzing the needs of our county and district to make the best use of this position moving forward. In the meantime, please use the online textbook request form to request instructional materials.

Once again, thank you Drew for being a part of PUSD/PCOE!

VHS Tapes

The Plumas County Office of Education VHS library has reached the end of its time, this outdated technology will be disposed of soon. If there is a title you regularly use and would like to keep in your classroom permanently, please email kwarren@pcoe.k12.ca.us. The remaining collection will be disposed of on October 13, 2017.

Another great Eureka Math resource:

Free- High Sierra Parent Conference

Upcoming Dates

10/9/2017 Science Vertical Team Meeting

10/11/2017 CTE Vertical Team Meeting

10/11/2017 Board Meeting Portola

10/12/2017 Math Vertical Team Meeting

10/13/2017 Electives Vertical Team Meeting

10/17/2017 ILT

10/17/2017 ELA Vertical Team Meeting

10/18/2017 Community Cafe - Chester

10/19/2017 Social Studies Vertical Team

10/20/2017 TK/K Collaboration

10/23/2017 PBIS Facilitated Work Day, Tier II Teams meet on site

10/24/2017 PBIS Tier I- IVES, GHS, CES, CHS, QHS

10/25/2017 1st/2nd Collaboration

10/25/2017 ILT Workshop

10/26/2017 3rd/4th Collaboration

10/27/2017 5th/6th Collaboration

11/1/2017 Community Cafe - Portola

11/7/2017 ILT

11/8/2017 Board Meeting

11/13/2017 1:1 Cohort 2 Training Day

11/13/2017 Community Cafe - Quincy

11/28/2017 ILT Workshop

12/12/2017 ILT

12/13/2017 Board Meeting

Useful Links

Textbook Request Form

Technology Help Ticket

username: plumas help password:technology

TK/K- 6th Grade ELA

ThinkCentral for all your textbook resources

Curriculum and Instructional Services

Kristy Warren

Assistant Superintendent, Instructional Services

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