World of Warcraft LAN PARTY!

No girls allowed.

Together Alone.

No Girls allowed. While in a raid group, players do not receive credit for completing quest objectives unless the quest calls for a raid. Players also receive an experience reduction for any mob killed while in a raid group. These are to prevent players from creating very large groups in order to complete normal quests or other game content intended for parties of 5 or fewer.

The Siege Of Orgrimmar

Tuesday, Feb. 11th 3012 at 12am

Dun Morogh

Starting area for Human Alliance Paladins.

Raiding and Lootin.

Raid : Ice Crown Citadel 4:30

Raid : Ulduar 6:30

Raid : Karazhan 8:30

Raid : Naxxramas 10:30

Raid : The Siege Of Orgrimmar 12:30

Leeroy Jenkins HD 1080p

World of Warcraft LAN PARTY

Raiding and Looting.