The Secret Life of Walter Mitty



The author's text structure creatively defines Walter Mitty as easily distracted, victimized, and imaginative.

Claim 1

First, Walter Mitty is easily distracted. His wife says "Not so fast! You're driving too fast!" after his daydream. Also, he read the title of an article then went into a daydream about it.
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Claim 2

Second, Walter MItty is sort of victimized. The policeman said to Walter with insensitivity "Pick it up, brother!" The woman in the courtroom laughed at him for saying "Puppy Biscuit."
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Claim 3

Finally, Walter Mitty is imaginative. He imagined himself on a plane in the Navy in his first daydream. Then he imagined himself as a doctor, and could make a diagnosis by just looking at the patient.
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The author's text structure shows that Walter Mitty is victimized, easily-distracted, and imaginative.