Hill Elementary School ~ Oct. 19, 2015

Need 2 Know...Info/Reminders

- As we are moving toward a Districtwide balanced calendar, a balanced calendar committee has been formed. I am serving on that committee and we will be meeting twice a month. I will be seeking feedback from all of you. Please look at the anchor charts in the staff lounge and provide ideas/information by the end of the week. Thank you in advance for your assistance!

- After School Clubs begin on Tuesday. Tracy will have the lists to us on Monday. Please be sure to carefully check your students registration. After school club kiddos will be dismissed with latchkey.

- I've included a link below that has a collection of writing work samples for all grades. Dena shared it with me as we've been looking for exemplar texts. During one of your upcoming PLC's I'd like for you to take a look. Its very lengthy, however there is a table of contents and you can go directly to your grade level and "narrative" for instance. I'd love some feedback prior to our October 7th PD.

-Child Study is scheduled for Wednesday. Please bring current data and any parent communication that you have made. I met with Eric Chorley on Friday and we will enter as we go during Wednesday's meeting. Eric will attend our October 8th staff meeting to review the web based SIDR.

-I've attached a "Volunteer" form that Suzie created after I sent out the communication last week regarding volunteers. I am going to have the office modify the form for each classroom. We will get them to you this week. Thank you Suzie for taking the initiative!

-Davison's Homecoming is on Friday, September 25th. Hill kindergarten students will be joining Siple and Thomson kindergarteners to walk in the parade.

-Please sign up in the lounge if you are interested in walking/running in the DEF 5 K pumpkin run on Saturday, October 10th.

A little bit of PD.....

On-The-Spot Assessments

In Kim Marshall's book, "Rethinking Teacher Supervision and Evaluation" he discusses finding the right assessments. He references Visible Learning, by John Hattie (2008) and how Hattie analyzed over 800 meta-analysis reports on what works in schools. One of the most powerful factors was formative assessments in the classroom. Marshall identifies effective and ineffective checks for understanding:

Effective strategies:


Cold call/randomize

Quick writes

Dry-erase boards


Quick quizzes

Exit ticket

Here are some examples of mediocre and ineffective checking for understanding:

Gauging student's facial expressions

"Is everyone with me? Any questions?

Thumbs-up or thumbs down (Mediocre because students may be embarrassed to admit they don't understand in such a visible way, or they may think they understand when in fact they don't.

Low-level recall questions

COPWAKTA syndrome :Calling on people who already know the answer

Quizzes with slow turnaround

He states that, If teachers don't make adjustments before students come back the next day, it is probably too late.

Celebrations and Announcements

Welcome back Joe! Custo Joe has been on vacation for the past week and a half. It's great to have you back!

A few of the GREAT things that I noticed last week...

-I received 12 positive office referrals last week! Thank you Lisa, Alexis, and Jeane for taking the time to write up some kiddos who are doing great things!

-Most students are walking in independently to their classrooms in the morning. Kudos to Rachel, Jeane, Ondrea and one of our 4th grade mentors for helping out one of our mommas who was having more trouble than her first grader! Our strategy seems to be working! Great work!

-Great job, Mr. Peters. He has check-in and check-out going. Your consistency and positivity are making a difference.

-Para-pros have started intervention groups. This extra support is critical to the success of our students.

-Teachers are using best practices including: Communicating learning targets, using "wait time", think /pair/share, use of whiteboards, brain gym, moving around the room to monitor students, partner reading, and choral responses.

-Ranee, Julie, and Wanda have been doing a fantastic job in the office. Thank you for being so positive and welcoming as our students, families, and staff enter the office.

-Kudos to Tracy working so hard to get our after school clubs up and ready to begin!

The week ahead....

CARDINAL Code: Reteach Cardinal Code expectations on the playground.

*Progress reports should go home by the end of the week.

Monday, 9-21-15

8:40 - Watch Dog planning meeting (Lisa, Dave, Jen)

Wear Class Shirts

Tuesday, 9-22-15

Speech begins

TEAM - 2nd & 4th Grade

Wear your favorite team colors or sports apparel

After School Clubs begin

Wednesday, 9-23-15

Child Study (AM- See Schedule that was e-mailed last week)

9:00-11:00 Star Math testing

Workout Wednesday - Wear sweat pants or comfy clothes

After School Clubs

Thursday, 9-24-15

6:15am - Davison Optimist Club Mtg- Jen

7:40 - Staff Meeting with Megan Rule

Throwback Thursday- Wear clothes and/or hair from your favorite decade

After School Clubs

Friday, 9-25-15

7:30 - Genesee County Elementary Principal's meeting (Jen)

Popcorn Day

Wear Maroon & Gold/staff jean day too

4:00-6:30 Community Tailgate in the Visitor Parking Lot at DHS

4:00 line up for parade (kindergarten)

5:00- Parade begins

7:30 - Homecoming Football Game

Looking ahead...

Friday, October 2 - Harvest Day Schedule

8:40-9:30 - 2nd Grade

9:35-10:25 - 1st Grade

10:30-11:20 - 3rd Grade

12:45-1:35 - 4th Grade

1:40-2:30 - Kindergarten

Monday, October 5 - Board Meeting

Tuesday, October 6 - Picture retakes

Wednesday, October 7 - Student Count Day, Early Release Day

Saturday, October 10 - DEF 5K pumpkin walk/run

Monday, October 12 - Author Visit, Denise Brennan- Nelson

Tuesday, October 20- Thursday, October 22 - Book Fair

Thursday, October 29 - Halloween Parties, Clubs end

Friday, October 30- PD/Teacher Work Day

Monday, November 2 - Friday, November 6 - Intersession

4th Grade safety patrol led the Pledge of Allegiance at the School Board meeting last Monday!
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Max was the winner of the mini-iPad from the Summer Math Packet drawing!
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Top pledge leaders for the Hill Hiker Walk-A-Thon. Tony was excited to win a chromebook, Savannah won a family fun night pack, and Joey won a fitbit!

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