Adolf Hitler: Germany's Tragic Hero

By Logan "Better Than Joey Fox" Crosby

The Man Who Could've Saved Germany

Adolf Hitler had all the tools he needed. Brilliance, charm, popularity. He rose to take Germany into his hands and in short time had fixed their economy. If he had stopped there, his name would've been exalted and praised for generations. But ruthlessness and insatiable pride would have his name marked as a symbol of hatred long past his own death.

Of endless heroic potential

A terrible father. A soldier. A prisoner. Adolf Hitler's rise to power demonstrated one's ability to rise from even the darkest of times, and it easy to see he would've had one of the most heroic stories in all of mankind's history.

The deadly flaw of ruthlessness

Adolf Hitler wanted Germany to rise to its old power, wanted Germany to be a great and proud nation. However, his fatal flaw came in the form of his willingness to stop at nothing to achieve such goals. Proud, hero became bloodthirsty conqueror.

Hated for Eternity

For his actions, Hitler will forever be remembered as a monster, spoken of as a villain. His amazing traits forgotten and his flaws made to be his essence, Hitler has faced the worst of all punishments possible.