Instagram: Do's and Dont's

Kwesi Anekwe

Internet Etiquette


  • Post revealing pictures because it negatively reflects you and your character
  • say mean or hurtful things becuse you may hurt someone else's feelings or cause them to harm themselves
  • Post drunken pictures or ones that insinuate drug use because it may prevent you from earning a future job/scholarship
  • use vulgar or insulting language to amage your digital footprint


  • Post only appropriate pictures that reflect positively on you
  • Do not post negative comments to purposely harm or offend people
  • Like reasonable photos that do not suggest ideals or doctrines that do not agree with your own
  • Online, act in a manner that would be suitable in the presence of your parents, pastor, or teachers.


Social media sites such as instagram can make our lives easier in many ways. However, we must not take advantage of these sites to use them for immature banter and shenanigans. These sites should only be used for the there original purpose, to keep in contact with friends and family. The importance of ones digital footprint is important now more than ever. In todays times of technology, we must all be more conscious and aware of how we project ourselves to be online. One negative post my preclude us from living the life you wanted.