LVMS Weekly Newsletter

Week of May 21, 2018

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May 21 - 25 - Teacher Appreciation Week

May 23 - 8th Grade Six Flags Trip

May 25 - Grade Level Award Ceremonies

May 25 - Last Day of School (1/2) Day


Battle for a Cure

On May 18, 2018, 8th grader Preslie Havins introduced the LVMS student body to Battle for a Cure. She is a board member for the nonprofit organization aimed helping children and their families fight cancer! For $2, students got a piece of tape that they could use to duct tape a teacher to the wall! And our students did just that!

Mr. Rague represented the 6th grade and managed an impressive 21 seconds taped to the wall.

Mrs. Morrow represented the 7th grade and would have stuck to the wall indefinitely had she not been cut down by her students after pictures.

Mrs. Karg represented the 8th grade and was challenged to stay up for 10 minutes! She did, and still the tape had to be cut before she could get down! 8th grade won the awesome trophy that Amanda Harbin-Bartlett and her team made for the LVMS students!

Even though our students had some fun incentive to duct tape a teacher to the wall, you could feel the giving spirit they each had toward helping kids battling cancer! In total, LVMS students raised $555 for Battle for a cure!

No Place For Hate

Lago Vista Middle School, and each campus in LVISD has earned the 2011-2018 No Place For Hate Designation!!! Our Project Vinatta team has worked hard this year to earn this designation, and we are proud of their efforts!!!

Student Assembies

6/7 Grade Assembly will be held in the upper gym @ LVMS on May 25 @ 8:20 - 9:20am! Parents are welcome to come!

8th Grade Assembly will be held in the upper gym @ LVMS on May 25 @ 9:30 - 10:30!

Parents are welcome to come!

Teacher Appreciation Week


We will be celebrating our teachers and paraprofessionals during the week of May 21 (the last week of school). Each day of that week we will be doing something to show our teachers that we appreciate them, and I want to encourage you and your child to consider how you might like to thank the teachers that serve you! A simple, kind note of appreciation can really inspire a teacher's day! Recording a sweet message that can be replayed as needed might keep a teacher's day trending positive when it threatens to get them down!

The possibilities are endless, and they don't have to cost any money! Thank you for considering how you might brighten a teacher's experience so they can continue to brighten yours!

FINALS Schedule


The finals week is busy with roller coaster projects, field trip for 8th grade, and final exams. The schedule is workable for kiddos though, no worries.

MONDAY - 1st and 5th period classes will test. ***Exception: all Algebra kiddos will test during 1st period. 8th grade Spanish students will review for the Spanish final during 5th period. 8th grade presentations will operate around the testing schedule.

TUESDAY - 2nd and 6th period classes will test ***Exception: All 8th grade Spanish kiddos will test during 2nd period to start the day.

WEDNESDAY - 3rd and 7th period classes will test.

THURSDAY - 4th and 8th period classes will test.

FRIDAY - Half day. Make Up Finals.

Lago Vista Swim Team Registration

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Please visit our new website to order all your viking apparel!

As always, thanks for everything you do to help in the success LVMS.


When: 7:45am - 8:10am

Where: Viking Hall

What's Available: Tuesday and Thursday ELA and Social Studies

Wednesday and Friday Math and Science

How To Access: Tutorial Request Form on our Website at the link below

Copies of the TRF will also be available to students in their classrooms, in the cafeteria, and in the front office and library.



We of course want to see your child in school everyday, but we recognize they will miss for a variety of reasons related to their lives outside of school. We've included the Spring testing calendar that you may use as you plan your respective families events for the semester.

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Wondering What Happened to Your Child's Lunchbox?

We probably have it; and their shoes; and their sweatshirts; and their coats; and their water bottles; and their backpacks.....Please have your children look through the lost and found at LVMS for items you know they wore/brought to school, but have never seen again. Lunch boxes and water bottles will be in the cafeteria by the microwaves. Clothing and all other items will be in the atrium area just off outside of the front office. We will be coordinating with clothing closets to receive our unclaimed clothing items very soon!

Social Media Support

Lago Vista ISD recognizes that communication between campuses and parents is a crucial part of building a strong school-home partnership, which we greatly value. As such, the District is committed to providing open, two-way communication and encourages all Lago Vista ISD parents to share the same commitment.

While social media presents us with an amazing venue to share and exchange information, if a concern arises regarding your child, or child’s campus, please contact the campus immediately. This timely communication directly with the campus is a crucial first step in working with you to resolve your concerns. As a district, we are committed to ensuring that all concerns are addressed as quickly as possible, but

campuses are only able to assist with finding solutions when we are made aware of concerns through direct communication.

Thank you for your helping with Lago Vista ISD's continued efforts to build strong and effective partnerships with our parents!

2018 Summer Camp Guide

For the past several years, Lago Vista ISD has put together a list of various summer learning opportunities in the Austin area that may be helpful to Lago Vista ISD parents and students who are looking for summer fun and learning options. This year, we are pleased to announce that we have partnered with Live Grow Play Austin for our 2018 Summer Camp Guide. As a result of this partnership, this year's summer camp guide is fully searchable by interest, location, date, price, etc.

To view the 2018 summer camp guide, visit:

Thank you Live Grow Play Austin for partnering with Lago Vista ISD and for providing this awesome guide for our families! It’s definitely not too soon to start thinking about what you want to do to have a great summer!

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