Who invented it?

The person who came up with socialism, Robert Owen, was born on May 14, 1771 in Newtown. Owen attempted to rebuild societies and influence social experimentation and the cooperative movement. He recommended the elimination of poverty through establishing self sustaining communities.

Soicialism Vs. Capitalism Vs. communism


  • Everyone has access to basic articles of consumption and goods for self actualization.
  • Freedom of religion.
  • Everyone is payed the same so it is equal and fair.
  • Can coexist with different systems.
  • Plans and is determined to invest and make production decisions.
  • Planning is centralized.
  • Can have personal property
  • No class distinctions so everyone is treated fair.
  • The economy and production are adjusted accordingly to meet needs.
  • Make your own decisions on health care, education, religion, employment, and marriage.
  • Laws are made to protect people from discrimination for equality.


  • Not treated equally.
  • Have to work to make a living.
  • Have to rely on the market which can be unpredictable.
  • The work class depends on wages or salaries.
  • The operation of production is greedy and competitive towards each other.
  • Everyone is responsible for them selves.
  • Discrimination is allowed.


  • All production is owned by the public.
  • Share your profit.
  • Can coexist with political systems but limited.
  • No social structure.
  • No type of religion at all.
  • No one owns anything.
  • Work for the government
  • No social structure.
  • No leader.
  • Means of control- by force.

Where is Socialism?

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China, Vietnam, North Korea, and Cuba.