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Effective Educational Apps for the Classroom

Phonics Genius by Alligator Apps

What is it?

Phonics genius is an app that assists students in gaining greater decoding skills. It helps build a better foundation in understanding the structure of language that is a key skillset that crosses over all subject areas. It helps students increase their fluency and comprehension while reading texts.


· Different modes from easy to hard.

· Customizable font size, colour and upper and lower case letters.

· Offers you the ability to create lists of specific words.

· Customize the speed.

How can I use it?

This app can be used in a classroom with varying reading levels as it allows for difficulty adjustments. It can be incorporated in place of traditional phonics lessons as it is more of an interactive and engaging tool that will hold a student’s attention for longer.

Kids Best iPad Apps: Phonics Genius

See. Touch. Learn. by Brain Parade

What is it?

See.Touch.Learn. replaces traditional flashcards to teach vocabulary to students (specifically students with ASD and other special needs). Picture cards help these students understand concepts and learn to use self-expression.

How can I use it?

The cards can be sorted in categories to help support curricular outcomes. Also, you are able to create your own personal lessons that will help align it better with the student’s personal needs. This is similar to the PECS program however it is a more engaging for the student. Similar tangible programs contain may materials that you must carry around therefore this app is helpful in that it is compacted into one application.

See, Touch, Learn - A New iPad App for the Learning Disabled

Pines to Vines by Mobile Education Store LLC

What is it?

The Pines to Vines is an app that allows a teacher to increase reading flexibly by using e-text for fictional storybooks. It is the first of it’s kind that adjusts for reading level within the same story without sacrificing content.


· 1st -8th reading levels

· Aligned with content goals

· Visual support available

· Videos and custom animations

· Built in vocabulary definitions

· Chapter quizzes and final tests

· Text to speech

· Zoom

· Bookmarks

· And much more!

How can I use it?

This app allows increased accessibility for all students in a classroom. I would integrate this app acknowledging that not all students are successful with traditional methods. I could use in almost every subject matter and it would allow all levels of students the ability participate. It will allow students who have lower reading levels the ability to follow along while ensuring more advanced students are still challenged.

Pines to Vines - The Forest Biome

Math Bingo by

What is it?

Math Bingo helps assists students in effectively practicing basic math skills. Using a bingo-format it is a fun way for students to work on mathematics. It allows you to choose between addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Also it lets you decide the difficulty level.

How can I use it?

I would use Math Bingo in my classroom in place of traditional worksheets. This is a much more interactive way of engaging them that allows for instance feedback and reinforcement.

Best Educational Apps-Math Bingo -

TalkTablet by Gus Communication Devices

What is it?

TalkTablet is an app that acts as a speech solution for people who are unable to communicate clearly as a result of numerous disabilities or disorders.

How can I use it?

Working in inclusive classrooms, this app will allow students who have a hard time communicating their ideas a better opportunity to participate alongside their peers. Not only will this aid in academics but it will be greatly helpful for social interaction.

Introduction to TalkTablet

Extra App: ABA Flash Cards & Games by Innovative Mobile Apps

What is it?
This app helps to teach and illustrate emotions for young students. Awareness and being able to recognize other people's emotions is an integral part of socialization. Not only does it help a child recognize emotion, it helps them respond correctly to it. It has customizable features that allow a teacher or care giver to personalize it to the student.

How can I use it?
This is a multisensory tool that will allow me to teach my students appropriate communication and interaction skills. It is especially helpful for students with Autism or who struggle with peer relationships.

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ABA Flashcards App