Green alternatives for your bedroom

By Jessica Vandenhull

What this poster is about

If your looking for some Eco-friendly alternative to add to your bedroom, then you have come to the right place.

LED light

LED light are 80% more efficient then normal lights. LED lights use less energy to light your home, they give off at least 95% of light and only 5% heat. Traditional light give off 5% of light and 95% heat. LED lights tend to last 6 time longer then traditional light and they don't release toxins in the air. Which is better for you and the environment.
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Platform beds

When they make these beds they don't use chemicals or glue so its very safe for you and the environment. They use wood like bamboo and others. They are meant to last at least 10 years. There just as comfortable of normal beds, but there made in a way that is better for you and the environment.
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Mohawk flooring is made with all recyclable products, like water bottles. They also don't use harsh chemical when making your carpet, so Its safe for you and the environment.
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what i would use and why.

I would use LED lights because, I like that they last longer then traditional lights. They also don't put off toxins in the air. They shine light in the areas that need light while traditional lights shine everywhere, instead of just where its needed.