The Fabulous Digital Life

By: Deja Speikes

Alarms on iPhone

Every morning starting of I have several alarms that go off. My first alarm is 5:45. Every morning the very first digital device I use is my iPhone.I turn off the 6 alarms that go off of it to wake my up.

Good Morning Texts

Every morning I typically text my friend Janai around 6:30am. l text her, to let her know when the bus is coming. However this Friday I was not at school.Therefore I sent her a text to let her know that i was not riding the bus. Also to let her know when the bus passed my house.


Around 10:43 pm. I turned on the home theatre system and watched tv. I was very tired from the long roadtrip. Also the rehearsal dinner just finished for my unncles wedding. I just found a comfortable spot and relaxed for awhile.

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Instagram Timeline

Finally to end my day I look on instagram for a final time. I got on at 12:03am just to see what was going on at the time. I also got on to post pictures of the mountains and other attractions.

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