Do you know about hills?


How a hill is formed

My landform is a hill.A hill is made by faulting.Faulting means rock underneath the earths surface are constantly moving and changing the landscape.

Painted Hill

Painted Hill is located in Ohio.The characteristics that make it different are the Native Americans.The land form would affect the lives of the people living there because every 100 years there is a flood and they might not get a good veiw.It is similar to things because they all are things and people did things.

Hills of Corn

Hills of Corn is located in Iowa.Hills of corn is sometimes called Corn Belts.It would affect the people living there because there is a leading of corn. It is similar to the other things on my paper because they led things.

Foggy Hill

Foggy Hill is located in India. Foggy Hill grows buds.It could affect people living there becuse foggy mist covers their land.It is similar to other things on my list because they have high elevations.

Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill is located in Washington the United States.The congress works on Capitol Hill.It would affect people living there because there are big buildings.It is similar to others on my list because there are buildings which the people might not be able to see over. They might not be getting any sun.