Aspiring artist?

Graphic design co. is the place for you!

What you will be doing:

You will create visual concepts by hand or with computer software that will captivate customers.

  • You develop graphics for websites, illustrations, and logos.
  • You will be able to select colors, images, text styles, and layouts.
  • You will incorporate changes and ideas recommended by your client.

Some examples of our work:

Educational Requirements:

To achieve this job, you must have a bachelor’s degree in in graphic design or a related field.

Also, you are required to have a portfolio to show your originality, creativity, and artistic ability.

We are Graphic Design Co., and we want you.

You must be able to operate new graphics and design softwares that are provided by the company.

You must have some type of artistic ability that can meet the clients requirements.

You must also have analytical, communication, and time management skills.

Now the questions you've been waiting for...

What's the pay?

The median pay for this job is around 45,900 a year, and around 22.07 an hour.

How much is college?

The median price tag for this college education is around 96,244 for 4 years at a public college without scholarships.