TMS BLC and Tech Update

December 5th, 2014

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Reep's Class Is Using iMovie to Create Trailers About Egyptian Religion or Acheivements

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Chapman's Class is using a Google Doc to share images for "The Outsiders"

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iMessage and Facetime Have Been Disabled For Students!

This Should Help With Some Discipline Issues.

Some of the students are using expletives in their iMessage texts and emails. If you see students using foul language in their exchanges to each other, it is a discipline issue. Don't ignore it or it will never get any better. Handle it the same way you would if you found them passing notes with the same content: document, call parents, ASD, etc...
Digital Ethics Module Training

These are the directions from the PD. If you have forgotten how to do things in open class, this should answer most of your questions.

Dim Student Computer Screens

The students are keeping their screens dim to "save" the battery. Playing games and scrolling wallpaper is what is draining their batteries. Tell them to turn their brightness back up because it is harder to see what they are doing when the screens are dim. They need to change their desktop wallpaper to one picture. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Innovation Showcase - ERPD

Wednesday, Dec. 10th, 12am

Various Locations in ISS

Trotter will send you your locations, along with your schedule.

IMPACT IT Tuesdays

  • Dec. 16: iMovie basics. TNL#12507

  • Pages (repeat session) TNL# coming.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Day is Friday, December 19!

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Ugly Christmas Sweater Day is Friday, December 19

Get your ugly sweaters ready! The last day before Christmas Break is our Ugly Sweater Day. Students and teachers can participate! Like last year, I will make a video (not to be posted online) of all our ugly sweaters, for you to show in class.