Electronic Usage

By: Julie

ipod touch

I use my iPod for many things during the day, such as an alarm clock, to watch YouTube or Netflix and play my favorite game candy crush on. My iPod effects my daily life because i spend lots of my time on it. In an average day I spend about 3 hours a day on my iPod touch.


Instagram is a social media app that lets you share pictures instantly with your friends.
Instagram has an impact on my daily life because I constantly want to check it because there is always new things to look at. On average i spend about 30 min. a day on instagram.

Candy crush

Candy crush is a never ending game where you match colors of candy together to form groups. candy crush effects my daily life because it is very addicting and you can get caught up playing for hours. On average I spend 30 min. a day playing candy crush.


Netflix effects my daily life because there are so many shows and movies to watch. On average I spend about 1-2 hours watching netflix a day.